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Technical notes

When working live, while the game is playing, Processing reads the log file and represents all the positions contained within it, allowing for a delay so that it can never catch up with Unreal Tournament (which is only logging every second, not continuously). After it finishes drawing the first set of positions, it reads the log file again discarding anything that has already been drawn and this is repeated until the game ends or the Processing execution is stopped.

To create my larger canvases I also made a version of this program using Processing 0068 alpha, to create postscript visualisations of the log files of finished matches. As they are postscript they are then printable at any size.


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Short Description

I wrote a mutator (link) for the game Unreal Tournament, which logs the position of every player, every second during a live game.

I then use Processing to read in the log file and visualise the data to create my illustrations.

In the example at the bottom of this page, Processing is visualising an already completed log file. (link)

More information

I have created custom maps for Unreal Tournament which have had bot paths laid down in specific areas in order to encourage and guide the bots to draw the faces while playing the game. Some of the portraits they draw are based on an original photograph from which the colours are slightly randomised and placed in strategic positions.

The colours in some of the other portraits have been pre-determined with a global colour change happening when a bot dies.